Please hand your pool keys back to reclaim your key deposit!

The weather has turned colder now, and so the pool closed for the season last week, however there are a number of members who may not have realised. Please could you hand your keys back to Peter Javes  (559283) and get your deposit back? Different keys are issued each year, so you don’t need to keep this one for 2016, and Peter would be grateful if he could get the deposits returned soon to keep the pool finances up to date. Thank you very much.

There is also a very big thank you due to everyone who worked so hard to get the pool up and running this year for the community. There was a long delay once the parish council had agreed to take it on, because the Church (owners of the land) took so long to sign the lease. Then there were initial teething troubles with equipment at the start up, and in particular Peter Smith and Tim Abrahall put in many hours of work to try to sort everything out. There were many other people who helped as well to keep it all going too, and it was so good to see how everyone really enjoyed using it this summer. Now that the community has taken over the management from the school, it can be used for a longer period of time, so that was why it was kept open at the beginning of this autumn term as well. It is hoped that it will open much earlier next year as well – the new solar heating has made a huge difference this year, and that has also helped to extend the season.

If you’ve enjoyed it this year, please spread the word! It would be really good if there was a larger membership, as more membership funds would help a lot with the inevitable maintenance; and next year there should be a much longer opening period, so it should be really good value for money!

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