Please keep your dogs under control when in fields with livestock


Dogs have been chasing the sheep in the field by SWW treatment works this week. This field may be seen as a recreational place for everyone’s dogs, but it is in fact an agricultural field, and the sheep have the first priority in there. There is a public footpath through it, but that doesn’t mean that irresponsible dog owners can let their dogs run free and chase any livestock in there. A huge number of people do walk through with their dogs and keep them well under control, and many thanks to all of them. But if you suspect your dogs might be tempted to chase anything will you PLEASE keep them on leads.

Sheep chasing is on the increase now – dog owners who don’t keep close control on their dogs can be prosecuted, and they will certainly be sent the full vets bills for any animals’ injuries, or in the worst cases, euthanasia and compensation.

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