Please, please clear up after your dogs – a polite request.

We have had a message from somebody with young children who lives here in the village asking if we could remind dog owners to please pick up their dog poo after the dog has done it. They’ve had one or two near misses recently (there seems to be more un-picked-up poo on the green at the moment), and they’ve also had to pick up what other people have left behind.
It’s shouldn’t be difficult to deal with – there are bags provided by the parish council at either end of the green and by the tennis court, and plenty of bins to dispose of it all afterwards – and it’s a really unpleasant hazard for families or footballers or visitors if anyone doesn’t see it until too late. Most of our dog owners are really responsible and careful, but there are also a lot of visiting owners and dogs about now – we are passing on the plea to point out the bags and bins to visitors who may not realise we provide them here, and a polite request please to those dog owners who may have got a bit forgetful.


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