Please stick to the pool rules!


Now that the season has started, please can we remind all community pool members that their membership is subject to conditions set out  in the pool agreement. This includes the following; 

10Alcohol and smoking is not permitted at the pool and no inebriated person may use the pool. Food and drink is not permitted at the poolside.
14For the consideration of other users, the pool, pool side and changing area must be kept clean and tidy, and please take your litter with you when leaving. (A mop, and bucket are kept in the first aid room if needed)
18PLEASE NOTE – Excessive noise or rowdy and antisocial behaviour spoils the enjoyment for others, and is very unpleasant for neighbours – it cannot be tolerated, and your membership will have to be terminated.

Since the beginning of this season uneaten food, food wrapping and sweet papers have been left in the changing rooms and poolside. This is unpleasant for volunteers to clear up, also food or wrappers falling into the pool may damage equipment, potentially, closing the pool for costly repairs. 
The parish council has had reports that someone was using the community pool at 7.30 on Saturday morning, and they woke people in several houses nearby.
The pool rules specifically state the opening times –
“The pool may only be used out of school hours between the following times; 
during term time; weekdays – 5pm to 9pm ; weekends – 10am to 9pm.
during the school holidays; weekdays – 9am to 9pm ; weekends – 10am to 9pm.”
The hours are set like that, and members are asked to be considerate about noise for the very simple reason that there are a lot of houses near the pool, and sound carries – it’s just not fair to surrounding neighbours.
It’s worth pointing out that if noise gets reported to SHDC, the pool may be closed for us, and that would mean that it would revert to school use only.

Our pool is a popular facility kept open after school hours and holiday times for the benefit of the community. All users are asked to please respect the conditions of use, and perhaps some of them need the reminder that membership can be withdrawn. Should this happen membership would be offered instead to one of the people on the membership waiting list.

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