Police warning – sheds, outbuildings, yards targeted by thieves

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Important Information.

Over recent weeks we have noticed an increase in the number of crimes where items have been stolen from sheds, outbuildings, farms and other isolated locations.
Typical items stolen range from small power tools such as gardening equipment through to trailers, quads and farm and plant machinery. In some cases, fuel has also been taken.

Please can you:
1. Mark all property with a postcode where possible.
2. Note down any unique serial numbers for identifiable items and take photos of anything that is unique to you. For example, if you have painted your lawnmower pink or you have some custom decals on your chainsaw, record that in a photo as it makes getting items back to owners much easier if located!
3. Ensure your items are stored securely and locked away wherever possible.

Most importantly:
If you see/hear anything suspicious please report it at the time. Use 999 if urgent or offenders are present. 101 for after an event.
Note down descriptions of offenders and vehicles (inc a number plate if possible) and a direction of travel.

The aim of this message is to inform you so that you can put some prevention measures in place. Please remember, we live in an area where crime rates are low compared to the UK averages – lets keep it that way!

Thank you
PC Whitting
Rural Affairs Officer (Devon)

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