Polite request to all pool users

The long expected hot weather still hasn’t arrived as we’d hoped, but the pool is open and already being well used. We are delighted that everyone is already enjoying it so much, but there are just a couple of polite requests now from the pool committee;

The first is that people are using the pool without washing the sand out of their swim wear first, so please could you make sure that you give it a rinse after going to the beach before using it again in the pool, as there is already sand at the bottom, and we’ve only been open a week!

Also we have found that the lights are being left on in the changing rooms, so please could you make sure everything is off when you leave? We have to pay the school for all the electricity we use, so we’d be very grateful if you could help us to keep the lighting bill down.

We have also had a message from the school to ask if we could remind people about noise levels when they are swimming for the sake of neighbours and people working at different times. Because of the water and hard surfaces surrounding it, sounds can carry very distinctly to nearby houses and gardens, and while we have no wish to spoil anyone’s enjoyment at all, we would politely ask users to please keep noise levels down!

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