Reporting anti-social behaviour

After several incidents recently of anti-social or intimidating or threatening behaviour some information has been given to us about the correct protocol for reporting these incidents.

The police are very keen that as much information is reported as possible about any of these incidents, and they have provided a local point of contact, and also that of the SHDC Anti-Social Officer.

If anyone is behaving in an anti-social way towards any member of the public they should immediately call the police on 101. It may seem that this doesn’t produce any obvious result, but it is still necessary; what it does do is to provide an incident numbered complaint which is logged. This way there is a record of all complaints, and this information is vital for the police when they follow them up, particularly if the same person has been responsible for more than one incident. (Calls to individual officers do not get on to this logging system, so it is important to realise that you may need to make more than one call!)

They can also call local police officers:-

Jo-Pengelly 07921061657                                                                                                                                                                   Dave Gibson 07525617842.

Then and most importantly they should call the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer:-

John Ward

tel. 01803 861252

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