Resuscitation courses for the pool – dates arranged

It’s that time of year again, and we are hoping to open the pool earlier and get training done sooner too, and over a shorter period so that it can all be completed and pool users be ready to go for the season.
The dates are as follows:
25th April
4th, 9th and 11th May.
Please SIGN UP IN THE SHOP. The forms will be in the shop by the beginning of next week.
The sessions will be held at The Fisherman’s Rest (downstairs room) 1900 – 2030, and all need to do this course (again) unless you have a relevant first aid certificate that can be emailed through.
Please notify Maya or Maria if you are unable too attend a course that you have signed up to with plenty of notice so that we ensure a full house to cover Nigel’s fees.
Keys for 2017 will be issued on the training evening and pool rules issued etc…
Please feel free to FW this to friends

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