Revised timetable for the No 3 coming through the village – this affects school journeys

From the Transportation Co-ordination Service at DCC;

Changes have been confirmed for Service 3 (Dartmouth – Kingsbridge – Plymouth) to take effect from Sunday 29th October 2017. The revised Monday to Saturday timetable is attached.
The service will continue at hourly intervals for most of the day, almost all operating without financial support from the County Council. It will be operated by single-deckers rather than double.
Two journeys which would otherwise not have been continued will be supported by the County Council – the 0615 Kingsbridge – Plymouth on Mondays to Saturdays and, on Saturdays, the 1815 Plymouth – Kingsbridge.
The 0645 Dartmouth – Kingsbridge, 1815 Dartmouth – Kingsbridge and 1930 Kingsbridge – Dartmouth will no longer run due to very low usage that does not justify financial support from Devon County Council (and in view of there being a Dartmouth – Kingsbridge bus at 0615.)

Also due to very low usage, County Council support will no longer retain the 1850 Plymouth – Kingsbridge and 2005 Kingsbridge – Plymouth.
Buses will no longer divert into Slapton Village, the nearest continuing stop being at Slapton Turn. The village continues to be served by the Coleridge Community Bus. 

There are some changes for pupils travelling to Kingsbridge Community College. From the Aveton Gifford direction those entitled to County Council-assisted travel will be transferred to a dedicated school coach. This will leave sufficient capacity for non-entitled pupils using the Stagecoach bus service and paying their own fares to Kingsbridge. From the Dartmouth direction, on the basis of an arrangement brokered with Kingsbridge Community College, there will continue to be sufficient capacity on the bus service for both entitled and non-entitled pupils, although ticket prices will be increased to cover the cost of providing this. The County Council does not commit any bus support budget towards capacity for pupils not entitled to County-assisted school transport.

The County-subsidized Sunday & Bank Holiday service between Dartmouth and Kingsbridge continues unchanged.
Revised timetables;

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  1. I have poor mobility.. and dnt drive.. i wont b able to walk from the turn to my house..without it causing me significant pain.. i will have to move house!!!!

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