SERIOUS WARNING – Ball bearing missiles in Rectory Lawns – Jubilee St car park area

Ball bearings are still being catapulted over part of the village – and the picture here shows the size of them. They could so easily cause serious injury to anyone they hit.

These are landing in the area of the Rectory Lawns, tennis court, houses in the area, and Jubilee Street car park – all of these communal spaces are well used, and a public footpath goes right through the middle of the targetted area – it’s probably only luck that has prevented a person being hit.

The first of these ones here was found in February, another on Good Friday afternoon, and the third on this last Saturday (10th) morning – all times when there have been plenty of people out and about in these areas.

These incidents have all been reported to the police, and have a Crime Reference number – CR/026273/21

Please, if you have any ideas where these might be coming from, could you give some info to help the police, because these are places where so many of us and our families walk and dog walk, park, sit, play tennis, and our children play. Sooner or later someone may be seriously hurt.

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