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Some of These Days! Dear Jazzers,

Bob Eley has kindly sent us information about The Ben Holder Trio LIVE FACEBOOK event tonight   You will need to register when you click on this link   You have ALL DAY to figure out the technology…can you rise to the challenge?  Challenge Annika…do those green leotards still fit?. Thanks Bob.  Ben, Paul & Jez have performed together for over 10 years now at festivals, in clubs and concerts halls throughout UK and mainland Europe, so they can create musical magic on the hoof with great ease.

Tomorrow night (Friday 6pm, 5th June) they will be playing live together for the first time since early March (in fact it’ll be the first time that they are playing live with anyone). The venue will be Ben and Sophie’s lovely garden near Nuneaton where the trio will set up – observing social distancing rules and there’ll be an hour of jazz that will wend its way through 60 years of styles and tunes. From frantic swing to beautiful ballads and stopping off for some delightful waltzes and a Latin number or two; there will be something for everyone – and the whole thing will be wrapped up in a light hearted stream of Ben’s patter and perhaps a surprise or two. Come and join them – a link to the event is set out below. It’s free to watch, but if you feel so inclined then donations will be most welcome.
Maybe more of our bands can have a go at this type of event and let us have the links.  Could we organise a Requests Gig?  Email me if you are interested in performing or watching such a gig.

What’s Next?

It’s time to think ahead and look beyond the gloom.  Are you willing to come along for the trip?  It would be great to keep in touch and share some ideas about the way in which we will get back together again.  Please send Henry an email or call for a chat – 01548 810991 

Graham Smith has sent us a You Tube link and a lovely photo of the band. Graham shared some news and a few thoughts about how jazz clubs are planning the future. I thought you might be interested.  

‘ere ’tis….
Link to Shades of Jazz music

Sadly both Upton and our own Pershore Festival have been cancelled this year so Maggie and I find ourselves enjoying some unexpected rest from being involved.  With Bude now cancelled we will have to find another excuse to visit your beautiful county as and when we are allowed – and we will!  Hopefully, we can re-arrange the ‘Shades’ date for the future. In the meantime keep on jazzin’ and enjoying the numerous links and broadcasts that bands and artists are posting on the internet. 

As far as re-opening of clubs it would seem that like our own monthly club at  Pershore everyone is awaiting the easing of lockdown to allow gatherings indoors and outdoors. Even bands are currently required to play 2 metres apart which isn’t entirely practical from a playing point of view and most venues will find it hard to accommodate these requirements.  

It is likely that the last in the queue for concerts, be they indoors or outdoors is going to be the “over 70’s” so that applies to the majority of jazz club audiences and even to some of the bands!  The availability of a vaccine will be the obvious answer but we are unlikely to see that solution for some time.

As for playing outside, I think the British weather will prevent such events by the time lockdown is eased. Outdoor stages can be hired, but at cost but given the make-up of audiences it has to be questioned as to how many of out jazz followers would be willing to sit in a field to listen to our music. I agree with you that anticipated preference will surely be for the comfort and the availability of facilities and refreshment.

I still have club dates in my diary with my own band and others but I anticipate they will be reviewed and cancelled as directed by the Government. September might be possible for Pershore but if we have to provide social distancing, it will halve our capacity and the income to enumerate the band and cover expenses and the seats that will have to be booked. 

It is not going to be easy but whilst there is a demand for folk to be able to enjoy live jazz we need to limit the risk of infection so extreme caution will need to be applied for some months and possibly the remainder of the year.  As and when I hear of news of plans and actions of other clubs I will share them with you.

In the meantime please continue to maintain interest and good luck in finding volunteers to serve on the committee.  Until then stay safe.
Graham Smith

If any other bands want to send a message to KJC – we would love to hear from you and even better see and hear you on a video. x

Louise Wainwright
KJC Communications Manager

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