Sophie’s 100 mile walk – can you help sponsor here?

Sophie’s mother Tammie is organising the sponsorship for her; Sophie alongside other members of her baton twirling team is doing a sponsored walk to raise funds for Samaritans and Rowcroft hospice. Sophie was asked to walk 10 miles over the month of July.
14 days in and Sophie is on 45.7 miles – smashing the target set by the team, and her own personal target. For those that don’t know, Sophie has autism and learning disabilities but is one VERY determined young lady.
If you would like to consider a small donation it would be greatly appreciated.
We are currently on £100 raised.
Many thanks, Tammie

Tammie has sponsorship forms she can put out, but you can also make donations online – see photo below for details
Reference should be SOPHIE H sponsorship

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