Your suggestions needed for things you’d like for our new village hall

The parish council is now able to progress a little more with plans to build a new village hall, and has begun discussions with the architect. We are planning for a larger hall to replace the existing one, and need to gauge it’s use for the next 20-30 years at least. We need to take into account all the uses to which a new hall will be put, and this of course will include any use of it by clubs, and local organisations as well as all the local residents who will want to use if for their usual exercise classes, craft shows, coffee mornings, children’s parties etc.
The architect has asked for as much information as possible from everybody who uses the hall, even if it isn’t very often. Please can you help us gather the information we need, so that we can plan for the very best hall for this village and the community.
These are some of the questions that might help to get the ball rolling for suggestions-
What activities do you enjoy in the hall that you’d like to continue?
What other things would you like in a new hall; suggestions so far have included a stage, and another separate room for small gatherings while the main room is being used – what else would you like/use?
We will try to incorporate space for sports and activities; suggestions so far have included short mat bowls, and space for several table tennis tables – what else would you like/use?
If you run a club in the village, would you need storage?
If we have a new hall, what would you like to see in it so that you’d want to book it for parties or family occasions?
Do you belong to any organisation that would want the use of a kitchen, and if so, what would you need in the kitchen?
We also want to hear from people who don’t use the hall at all – what improvements or additional facilities or activities would be needed to attract you to a new hall here?
We also want to know what you wouldn’t like, that’s just as important; suggestions so far have included comments that a bar and sale of alcohol will affect the pub too much, and it’s important that comments like that are included.
 Peter Smith, one of the new build committee members, is gathering all the information to give the architect, so please contact him with your ideas and comments;   or 01548 550272

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