Supply issues for stock for the shop, an apology.

Supermarkets aren’t the only shops that are now finding that they can’t get hold of some of their normal items and are running out of quite a lot of their popular lines. It seems to be for a mixture of reasons – lack of enough HGV drivers (that’s hit our recycling collections badly too), but also the after-effects of Brexit mean that some of the items or ingredients to make them are much more difficult to get hold of.

These problems are also hitting the wholesalers as well, so that for the last few weeks, a lot of the items that Kathleen has ordered to restock the shop here are not being delivered. When she’s chased them up, she’s always been told that these wholesalers have “supply issues” too. (And if she’s been into a local supermarket, she’s often found that they haven’t got any of these things on their shelves either, so it’s not just us!)

Kathleen is trying to get hold of all these things when she can, but she’d like you to know that she hasn’t just decided to stop selling as much, in fact it’s because her full orders are not being delivered.

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