Swimming pool – apologies for the delay in opening

As you will probably know the parish council is trying to take over the running of the pool from the school authorities – however we have been asked to give you some idea of what is causing a delay. At the moment the council still hasn’t taken over because the Church (owners of the land/pool) hasn’t signed the lease yet, and also a part needed for the water system still hasn’t arrived. We realise how frustrating this is for people wanting to swim but the pool water needs to be good quality and warm enough. Until both of these things have been solved the council isn’t in a position to sell keys/memberships, but as soon as he gets the go-ahead Peter will put membership forms in the village shop, and a message can be posted up here. (The mAGpie article was written thinking that everything would go ahead much more quickly than it has, so apologies for the confusion, and no forms in the shop just yet.)

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