SWW progress update

An update from SWW giving us the latest information about how their progress is going –

“Our current progress is going well, with some changes to accommodate a couple of access concerns for a few of the local residents. We are using two separate teams with both currently excavating through the playing field. Both teams are scheduled to finish their sections around the second to third week of August. All going well this will allow the grassed areas to be reinstated at the best time of year for reseeding

Please note that there will be some necessary tree surgery within the next week or two through the narrow strip directly opposite the play park area. This is because a cluster of large sycamore trees will be very close to the route of the new pipeline along the boundary, and some limbs may need to be taken off to allow the machinery to work beside them. This will allow us to dig the trench and lay the pipes there without the trees being damaged, and we are in consultation with our specialists to plan this tree work.

On completion of the playing field section, one of the teams will then continue from the car park towards the ford leading to Jubilee Street. We have already laid 25 meters of new pipeline and made a manhole chamber within the car park, so will not need to go through this part again, but will be picking up from there towards the ford. The car park is available for parking for a few more days until we need to close it off again.

The streetworks road closure highway notice for Jubilee Street is scheduled to start on the 19/07/21. We will need to set up the required road signing to comply with the notice, and we will start with localised trial pit excavations. This will initially be small works with minimal impact to the residents of Jubilee Street, until the main trenching and sewer upsizing works start – this is now planned for the week starting 06/09/21. There will be occasional plant and vehicle movements in Jubilee Street and Fore Street once the highways notice starts, but we will endeavour to minimise this as best we can.

We will post information letters to all the residents affected by the works and will be more than happy to talk to anyone in person if they wish to have further details.”

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