Task force to advise the committee on new shop management

Can any of you help?

The shop committee needs some help now. Rather than asking people to sit on a committee, they would like advice from a varied task force of people for guidance on specific areas, while they try to set up new management for running the shop.

“……… We are particularly interested in people with the following skills and/or experience – accountancy; general or specific management; Company Secretary / legal; personnel; retail;Our village shop is most definitely at a crossroads! There is now a need and an opportunity to change the way the shop is managed, and the way we all can support the shop. If we cannot increase the usage and viability of the shop and post office business it will not survive! “

If you could offer any guidance at all to the committee they would be very grateful for your help here – you can get in touch with them at treecorner@outlook.com

Thank you

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