The Community Pool Urgently Needs Your Help

Dear Pool users,
I have been managing the pool on a voluntary basis since 2015. At the end of this year’s summer swimming season, I will be retiring. It has been a very rewarding job as so many people have said how much they have enjoyed using the pool, especially those with younger children.

The Parish Council has been fortunate to be able to run the pool with income from the school, annual membership fees & a donation from Level Water who run the Bantham Swoosh event. The council is determined to keep the pool open if at all possible, and is prepared to fund a paid part-time position of a manager to replace me.

Our pool is a community facility that very few villages can afford to have but does require work & commitment each summer to ensure it runs safely & smoothly. Many similar community pools have been permanently closed & filled in due to lack of community support to run them.

The reason for this letter is to raise awareness amongst all pool users that a replacement for me will have to be found this summer to take over the day-to-day management & running of the pool starting in May 2025. This is to give plenty of time before next years swimming season starts for training, familiarisation of the pool, operating procedures, chemicals & equipment.

The Parish Council is looking for a responsible, practical, safety conscious person to manage the day to day running of the pool. Reporting back to the Parish Council, their responsibility will include ordering all materials, spare parts, chemicals, maintaining the equipment in good working order & ensuring safe bathing water quality. The Parish Council recommends that two short training courses are attended, the STA Level 2 Award in Swimming Pool Water Treatment & the STA Pool Plant Operations course, and will pay for these courses for the successful applicant.

Very sadly if no one comes forward to take my place as manager the pool will close permanently this autumn. This would be such a loss to the two schools & community users. I very much hope there is some one in our community who can take on this rewarding job.

If you think you or someone you know would be interested in becoming the pool manager, please contact either me on 07805 656890 or the parish clerk, Amy on 07796 266559.

Also, once I have retired there will be a number of additional jobs that will need to be taken on by a small team of volunteers. These jobs don’t require any specialist training, but will still be needed in order to keep the pool area in good condition (eg . painting the changing rooms, trimming back the hedges etc). If you could help with any of those volunteer jobs, please also contact me or Amy on the numbers above.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely.
Peter Smith.

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