The pool is now open!

The lease is finally signed and the heating system for the water is working – we are told that it is now up to 26 degrees!
Peter Javes is now on holiday for a week, but the Abrahalls will be here to hand out keys to everyone who would like one.
They live at The Store, Jubilee St, and if you have to come from a distance to collect one Tim suggests that you might like to phone first – (01548) 559 144.
Keys/membership will cost £40 for each family (keyholder must be over 18)
£25 for individual membership
plus £10 deposit for each key (refundable on return of key).
and a voluntary contribution of £4 for any extra adults for each membership to cover their resuscitation course.
Please could you bring the correct cash with you, or pay by cheque.
A copy of the agreement for each keyholder is shown here, and it will need to be signed when collecting the key –

Pool rules 2015

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