This year’s Lent Course – dates and info

Our lent course this year consists of five sessions on Humble Confidence. Please feel free to come to any or all sessions which last an hour, starting with tea and cake at 4:oopm

Confident in God
How do we know that God exists? How can we explain our belief in God to friends and family
This session is being led by Jared Lovell, Undergraduate Formation Tutor, St. Mellitus College, South West Area
Venue: QE2 Pavillion, Modbury

Confident in the Gospels
How do we know the four Gospels are reliable guides to know the Lord Jesus?
This session is being led by Revd. Tim Partridge, Curate, Minster Church of St. Andrews, Plymouth.
Venue: St. Andrew’s Church, Aveton Gifford

Confident in the Old Testament
How should we approach the Old Testament?  Does it have any uses for us as Christians?
This session is being led by Revd. Mat Rowland, Team Vicar, Modbury Mission Community.
Venue: Kingston Reading Rooms, Kingston

Confident in the eternal life
Can anyone be confident of life after death?  What is eternal life?
This session is being led by Revd. David Harris, Vicar of St Michael’s Church, Ilsington, Dartmoor.
Venue: Ringmore W.I. Hall, Ringmore

Confident in the Spirit
Who is the Holy Spirit? What difference does he make to a Christian’s life
This session is being led by the Bishop of Plymouth, Revd. Nick McKinnel
Venue: Bigbury Memorial Hall, St. Anns Chapel

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