Tidal Road clear up on New Year’s Day – 11.30 am.

Blow away the cobwebs with a walk along the tidal road in the morning! There will be a clear up of rubbish along the road and estuary – it’s surprising just how much there is (particularly plastic) once you start looking, so all helpers will be very welcome. We will start at 11.30 am, (high tide at this end of the estuary is about 3.00 pm.)
pictures 026 no 2On a practical note volunteers are advised to wear gloves, and to bring a couple of plastic bags for anything you collect. Everything is then piled up in Timbers to be taken away by SHDC, so no need to take it all back to your own bins! The whole thing only takes about an hour, and no one is expected to pick up anything dangerous or revolting – it really is mainly crisp packets, and old bits of fishing net which get washed ashore.

Additional safety guidelines are published on the ACA website – see http://auneconserAvation.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/ACA-BEACH-CLEANS3.


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