TJ’s bench – thanks to Peter and the Dysons.

Peter Smith spent a couple of days last week making the bank and foreshore around TJ’s bench safe again. The bench is probably the most used of all the ones we have in the parish, and since it was put up the river bank has eroded away with the tides, and the area in front of the bench had become very slippery.

TJ's bench before

Peter has done a wonderful job shoring up the bank and installing some steps and a paved area in front of the bench itself, using local stone for the stonework and treated wood which should last for 15 years. Gill and Hannah Dyson have now painted the bench with preservative and polished up the plaque, so the bench is ready for use again for years to come.

TJ's bench after

The bench was made by Mike Dyson in memory of TJ Capewell, and is on the foreshore between Slipway and the stakes with a wonderful view down the estuary. It is used in all weathers by visitors and locals, and is a popular spot for a picnic as well. Many people have already said that they would like to say a thank you to Peter and the Dysons, and that all their work there is greatly appreciated – so we would like to pass that on.

2 thoughts on “TJ’s bench – thanks to Peter and the Dysons.”

  1. Thank you very much for your kind words. Obviously it is loved by us and will always be looked after for TJ who was so very special to us all and a very close friend of myself. It’s great to see it is so well used.

  2. Thank you so much it is very much appreciated and we hope that you all love the view and the seat as much as we do… A special place to sit for a special person x

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