Traffic control through Fore St – group to be set up


The Parish Council has asked me to form a group to investigate the feasibility of reducing the traffic using Fore Street.

We need people who understand the increasing traffic problems on Fore Street.  There are various areas to be researched but I can’t do it by myself.  I need help.  I hope there are people keen to find solutions. Many people sit on the sidelines, but are quick to criticize when nothing changes.  Don’t be one of them! Our village needs your help. 

Initially we need everybody’s ideas, thoughts and possible solutions, it doesn’t matter how small or large they are…. let’s hear them.  Please email me with them. We can then put a strategy together to try to make Fore Street safer, more peaceful with less air pollution.

Please contact Dinah Ashton on or at Avonlea, Fore St, or Tel: 01548 550740

Measures suggested so far –

Stopping vehicles to do traffic census – find out who is using the street and why.C heck with police how we go about that.

Establishing how much is through traffic

Residence’s badges – so we know who acceptable to use the street


Get the Sat Nav Instructions changed

One Way system.

Issue maps to through traffic – showing the by-pass

Contact the business vehicles offices, and ask them to get their drivers not to use Fore Street [unless they are on business there]

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