Traffic count of vehicles using Fore St

You may be interested in the recent traffic count of vehicles using Fore Street (excluding the regular bus service.)

Volunteers in 2hr shifts counted everything going through – most shifts were covered, with just a few gaps.

Saturday 22nd August to Friday 28th August from 08.00 am to 18.00 pm each day –

Total number of vehicles through the village 6097

Traffic North to South 3199

Traffic South to North 2899

Cars 4835

Camper Van & Caravans 199

Vans 974

Lorries 51

Bicycles 48

Motor Bikes 23

Tractors 3

SHDC vehicles 19

The count started at 8.00 am, but on busy days there was a lot of traffic before that, and the count ended at 6.00 pm each day, and again there were many vehicles using the road then during the evening, so these figures don’t give the full numbers for the whole day. Even so, there was a lot more through traffic than expected. Local residents obviously needed access to their houses and to the shop, and were included in the figures here, but they made up a very small proportion of all the vehicles going through.

What was a surprise was the number of commercial vehicles – it was impossible to get an accurate figure because not all are sign written, but these were the definite ones.

Saturday 20

Sunday 13

Monday 49

Tuesday 69

Wednesday 68

Thursday 39

Friday 64

Total 322

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