Tree management on the green in September.

For all those who use the football pitch or walk along the green, we have been asked to give some advance notice that the tree/hedgeline along the side of the football pitch (from the tunnel to the banking near the play ground) is due to be trimmed and tidied up in the next few weeks (some time in September). This work is part of periodic maintenance which was going to be carried out last autumn, but had to be postponed when the weather changed and it got too wet for equipment and vehicles to get on to the green.  The work will be carried out by SHDC’s  tree surgeons. The plan is part of normal management that is required to keep woodland trees healthy and growing; ivy will be removed from trees and any dangerous or diseased branches trimmed, no mature trees will be felled, and the wild plum trees have been noted.

This will recover  the ground which has been lost over the last few years for the football pitch with a proper safety margin down the side of it by removing the thicket and undergrowth, and to lift established trees to  2-3 metres off the ground.





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