Tribute to Rev Neil Barker on his retirement – from Rosie Warrillow

Neil Barker

It is with a certain degree of sadness that I write this open letter today. Rev Neil has been a part of our community for 12 years, a fair length of time, and any change will be difficult to adjust to, both for our community and of course for Neil and his family. Neil took on a very difficult task when he came to us, bearing in mind he had sole charge of eight chuches that formed the Modbury Team. How anyone can run this number of churches is just totally amazing and Neil has done a wonderful job for all of us. He is a talented man with a kind and gentle nature, which has stood him in good stead when he has had to make some of the more testing decisions during his time with us; he has been endlessly patient, wonderfully knowledgeable, and has done a great job. Rev Neil has been tireless in his efforts to attract the young to our church and others across the team. He regularly visits the school here in A,G and has been instrumental in bringing the pre-school children into the church building and just showing them around. He has introduced the children to the Bible telling them the stories, and the members of the congregation have helped with the sessions in church under his guidance. Sadly, this hasn’t always translated to the youngsters attending chuch, but Neil’s strength is that he is always willing, and never gives up. For all the many weddings, funerals, and christenings that have taken place Rev Neil has advised, instructed, and comforted in equal measure. I know that people move on in life, as we all must, but Rev Barker will be truly missed for his dedication to our churches. Happy retirement Rev Neil, from all your friends at St Andrews,

Rosie Warrilow, Churchwarden, St Andrews, Aveton Gifford

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  1. Neil has been a wonderful influence on the staff and the children at Pre-school, visiting regularly over the years. He has a calm patient nature and always asks the children “Who has a song in them today?” He is willing to play any song they suggest on his guitar or ukulele even if it’s Bob the Builder! He has supported our nativity plays, and welcomed us at the church and supported all sorts of themes including Jobs People Do. He even arranged the background ukulele music for our Film Festival Entry.
    He has been a key figure in our community and we wish him well in his retirement and are so glad he is still going to be around as he settles into his new home in the village.

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