Update – new play park! Construction starting soon!

Play Park Update

As you can’t but help have noticed the wooden climbing frame in the play park is no more. During inspections carried out for reopening the park it was found that parts of the structure were no longer safe to use. However, as it was known the climbing frame was starting to deteriorate, last year a group of parents were asked to form a think-tank and consider what could replace the climbing frame once it did start to fail. After consulting the school children and reviewing other parks across the country a solution has been found! Furthermore, installation of a new climbing tower will start next Wednesday the 22nd and should take no more than two weeks to complete, this will mean the new equipment will be in place for the summer holidays. In order to help the construction team, it would be very useful if people could avoid parking on the track that leads into the bottom of the park outside the Fisherman’s rest for the duration of the build. If the lorries can’t get in to deliver materials completion of the project will be delayed.

The new tower is only the first part of the project, you’ll see from the picture below that more equipment will be placed around the climbing frame as funds are raised to cover their cost, including a tunnel through the bank. The play park committee is also looking at other items of equipment that could be considered, as well as other areas in and around the park that might host fun things to do. This is all part of a concerted effort to develop our communal areas and provide facilities for sports and recreation for all age groups of the community. We’ll keep you updated as things develop, look out for notices in the park itself, you can also check the playpark facebook page.

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