Update on Jubilee St and Playing Field sewage work

We have an update on the final work to be done for the SWW sewage pipework by contractors RM, with thanks to Joe Syndercombe, the foremanJ

ubilee Street is currently under highways road closure dated until Mon 25th October

We are targeting to complete all excavation trenching and drainage pipework installation by Friday of this week. Tarmac reinstatement on Jubilee street will be done in one day (probably Monday). Vehicular access to Jubilee street driveways will be back to normal for the local residents no later than Tuesday 26th on completion of all tarmac works. I will talk to all the local residents affected to keep them informed of the progress and movements.

Of note, the highways notice for Jubilee Street has been extended until Friday 5th November, this is to allow for non-intrusive works to continue inside a couple of the new chambers, and for traffic management control movements to complete the remaining reinstatement works in the playpark and car park locations behind the Rectory Stables. Vehicular and pedestrian access will not be affected for Jubilee Street or the Rectory Stables during this extended period.

The current closed and diverted footways around the park’s areas will be reopened stage by stage as we progress and complete each section of reinstatement.

The remaining works are anticipated to take at least 2 weeks to then make the car park and ford crossing available again for use.

The surplus material stockpile in the field is still waiting to be moved off site to a licensed tip. We have had a few environmental, tip, and haulage restraints to deal with (a general problem encountered across the construction industry). We have now finally resolved these, and are looking to start the muck shift process going into next week, allowing us to get on with the playing field reinstatements. Again, we anticipate at least 2 weeks to complete works in this area.

Many thanks Joe

2 thoughts on “Update on Jubilee St and Playing Field sewage work”

  1. Playing field looks half completed, I hope it’s not going to be left like that for fresh grass to grow?
    Looks like it needs rolling, as a minimum, so that it’s a nice level area for football etc

    1. The contractors are going to do all the surface preparation, and then re-seed. It will need several months to establish though until it’s anywhere near football quality again, but we have our own parish landscape contractor who will maintain it after the SWW contractors leave and advise the parish council when it can be used again. The fencing will have to remain in place so that walkers and children and dogs don’t disturb the fresh grass until it’s properly established.

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