Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 10th June 2021

Our W.I ladies met up this week for the first time in for quite some time when they enjoyed a picnic lunch before settling down to the buisness of the meeting. The meeting was chaired by President Meg Brett who explained this year’s resolution for the National Conference. The resolution, which highlights the diagnosis of ovarian cancers, wishes to explore the possibilities of raising awareness, and hopefully explore measures in which diagnosis could be detected earlier, a tricky task as some of the symptoms are similar to other diseases. The ladies voted unanimously to ask our link delegate (from Thurlestone) to carry our vote to the conference. The afternoon was sunny and warm, and the ladies recounted highlights and memories of previous meetings and remembered past members and the excitement of last year’s 100 year anniversary of the WI. The ladies are having a  meeting on Thursday July 8th at 7.30pm in the hall and they will look forward to welcoming any new members or guests that wish to attend, socially distanced of course. Who knows, we may even be back to normal by then, we can but dream. The July speaker is local lady Pippa Unwin who is going to talk about her exploits at Ice Carving, and being a UK’s representative at the world championships. The competition will be the usual flower of the month.                                          

Oh dear!! We are having some issues it seems about residents parking or rather lack of it! Parking is a thorny problem all over our parish at the best of times, but it seems the works on the green have made matters worse. Access to Ros’s field through Timbers car park is being blocked by day tripping visitors who really don’t realise the problems they cause by parking in a thoughtless manner. Signs have been put up by our hard working Parish Clerk Peter Javes and his wife Jackie to try and direct traffic, please if you are visiting us for the day observe the directions, be kind and thoughtful, and please don’t have barbeque’s on our car park! Permits have been issued now for residents a mystery but it’s done, I was however extremely upset to have one resident come into my place of work and verbally abuse me. I tried to talk to this person but they were exceedingly unpleasant to me and as I said, I was at work. Is that an acceptable way to behave? I don’t think so!! All our councilors give their time to be on our Parish Council, all of us have jobs and homes in the village and do a sterling job representing our community, surely an attack such as this is bang out of order? I found the whole prolonged attack extremely upsetting, shocking even and maybe if you read this you may be moved to apologise? Be kind a late celebrity said, we all live here in a most beautiful place, perhaps a lesson should be learned from this sorry affair. I live at Icy Park and quite often after a long day at work I arrive home and can’t park to decant shopping or wet dogs near my house but I don’t behave in an insulting way to some poor councillor who is just trying to help our community!!                                                                                                          

St Andrews is having a Holy Communion service this Sunday at the usual time of 11am, all are welcome to attend, socially distanced of course!!

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