Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 10th March

Our Parish Council met last week and there was a lot of ground covered on the various topics. There was no new news from Aune Valley Conservation, Parish Paths or the traffic group. There was a discussion on the proposed illuminated traffic speed signs which drew a lot of interest from the public gallery. There has been no real progress on this subject as there need to be formal discussions on where to site the equipment, always a thorny topic as everyone seems to want this, but where do they get placed? The cost is quite high at around £4,000, and also the type of equipment, as there are quite a few varieties to choose from. The problem is that people will speed through our village and as I have said many times in this column, please don’t!! There are always people walking, kids biking, and elderly people using Fore Street to walk to the shop. Can people please slow down as they pass through our main street? Everyone has the right to use the road, it’s down to manners really! There will be progress in the near future on these signs when hopefully the correct plan can be adopted.                                             

The council also discussed forming a group to join the Net Zero campaign. A.G delegate Pippa Unwin went to the first Annual Net Zero Beach Assembly and gave a report on that important meeting, and how our community could have its own group. The meeting had discussions about sustainability objectives in the local area, and what future initiatives could be to drive forward environmental change, and help to achieve  Net  Zero targets by 2030. Recent climate change events on Bigbury Beach have drawn large crowds and have received T.V coverage. Climate change is something that will increasingly affect all of our lives, and a solution will have to be found, with increasing weather events like storms, the loss of the ice floes, and the effect on wildlife being directly linked to the change in the climate. There will be an event in the village hall to highlight these issues, more news on that at a later date.                              

The Queens Platignum Jubilee was also discussed with plans for a Street Party in Fore Street. What is needed is a lovely person to co-ordinate the operation, and organise the different elements needed. Could this be you? If it is please contact me on the above number, or approach any of the parish councillors, thank you in advance!!! The church will have an open-air service on Sunday June 5th at 4pm, everyone will be welcome, more details nearer the time. We are praying for fine weather of course!! Caroline Barker has organised a book to be made and decorated by ten local artists, which will then be signed by local people. There will be a book signing event in the village hall on the afternoon of Saturday April 30th from 1pm, refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon. The finished book will then be sent to Buckingham Palace with a copy being kept in the village..                                  

St Andrews will have a Holy Communion service which will start at the usual time of 11am and will be led by Rev Matt Rowland, all are welcome to attend and refreshments will be served after the service.

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