Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 11th February

Oh dear!! It seems that we are still getting dog related problems on our village green. There is an ongoing problem with dog waste being left on the ground for people to walk in and there is a definite problem with people who allow their dogs to run free .  The tendancy is for people to bring their dogs for walks while bringing the kids down to play in the play parks… well, this is causing mayhem with dogs runng loose and not being under proper control. Please pick up after your dogs whilst walking them on our green spaces, and yes, we are still getting problems in the churchyard too!! Dogs are not allowed in our play parks, I know at the moment its hard because of covid but please keep an eye on your pooch while he’s running about. The Parish council is in the process of adding dog hitching hooks down on the green, please use them to secure your pet whilst excersing the children!! I love dogs and I’m the proud owner of two lovely dogs but its time now to sort out these long lasting problems.                                                                                                                                           

There are still some worrying texts ariving to people regarding grants to self employed people. Be careful once again and don’t give out your details. It seems that some elements are taking advantage of people’s fears over finance. The government website is a good place to enquire about the Self Employment Income  Support Scheme if you feel that you have beeen impacted  workwise due to the Corona virus. A new grant scheme is due to start in March.        

The river is looking very beautiful at the moment and a few  unusual  birds visiting us, notably a Lesser Yellow Legs (tringa flavipes), a medium  wading bird, also sometimes known as the green sandpiper. These birds have been around quite a while, having been commented on by Aristotle! They have a brown body and a  white rump with a short bill, their call is very distinctive with bursts of short sharp sounds.  A male Mandarin duck has been on the river too, a most beautifully coloured little ornamental bird, being mostly bright blue with some gold markings. A trip to the river armed with binoculars might not be such a bad idea. Photos of these lovely birds can be seen on the village website/facebook page.                                                                                                   

St Andrews is continuing to have sevices, all socially distanced, and sadly, with no singing either. This Sundays Service is a Holy Communion with Rev Matt Rowland leading and starting at the usual time of 11am

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