Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – 12th August

It’s that time of year again folks! Yes, in just a couple of weeks it will be Classic Car Show time again with people from all over the country arriving in A.G with their treasured automobiles to display them to us, the adoring public! These events do not however happen without help, and it’s for help that this appeal is aimed at. Tony Porter is once again organising the show, but help is needed on the entrance gates, on the green, and with car parking, always difficult in A.G,the teas in the hall,the raffle – just to name just a few things. If you feel you can help with any of these jobs please contact Tony on 550523 or mobile 07770-224505. Time slots of about an hour are suggested, so its not to long and there will still be time to enjoy the show!

There is a job vacancy at our village shop again. The staff and Dinah are at full stretch at the moment trying to keep the shop open as usual, especially during this busy holiday period. Dinah will be opening at the usual times, but there will be closures for lunch breaks as at the moment, these cannot be covered. All at the shop apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to welcoming a new member of staff soon.

There will be some work in the school grounds by SWW during the school holidays to help towards the flood prevention scheme. School leaders have agreed to the installation of water pipes and on site water attenuation features. The school site represents 54% of the impermeable water to be removed from village drains. This will then hopefully be an end to flooding problems that have occurred around the school. The village hall has also been removed from the run off water by having the swale installed earlier in the year. The school children have also been involved by SWW by asking them to draw and invent ways of storing water. Several houses in Icy Park have also taken part by having water butts installed.

Here we go again on the subject of dog poo! Can people please ensure that they pick up after their dogs? There is still an element of people who do not clear up the mes,s and it is a most disgusting and distressing problem if you happen to step in it, especially for children. There really is no excuse these days, bags are provided by the Parish Council, and all bins can now be used to dispose of the mess. I regularly pick up from other people’s mess, and  as a dog owner it’s just beyond me why some people think it’s ok just to leave mess on the ground! Come on folks this is just not good enough.

St Andrew’s has a Holy Communion service this Sunday at 11am with Joyce Howitt.

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