Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow 13th September

I love walking down the river with the dogs as I’m sure many people do but it must be said that the speed that some of the traffic using the road has increased dramatically, especially over the summer months when of course, we have experienced much larger volumes of road users. Recently I have noticed an increase in wildfowl that have been killed by fast moving traffic, a shame I feel. All ages of people use the road including young families with kids on bikes, all I want to say is, can people watch their speed while using the Tidal Road please? It’s a shame that so many birds and even a few foxes have met their end in this way, when recently the wetland area has received national recognition as a Marine Reserve. There are still a couple of boats on the river foreshore that haven’t been claimed, both are quite large , one is called Dora and is definitely not seaworthy and the other one is holed but maybe a suitable project for a keen mariner. They need to be moved so that the new mooring posts can be erected if they aren’t claimed they will be removed by the Parish Council soon.

There is a job vacancy at the village shop as young Connor has moved away from the area. The hours are part-time and flexible and training will be provided for anyone who needs it. Interested parties need to pop into the shop for more details.

Kingsbridge Jazz at Aveton Gifford had a wonderful evening of entertainment last week with Jeff and Annie Barnharts Hot and Sweet Quartet. This popular band were making a return to this country from the USA to tour the Jazz festivals here in the UK. They played some old favourite sing-along numbers mixed with some exciting blues and swing. The packed audience gave them a standing ovation at the end of the gig and the good news is that they are already booked for next year! October’s musical guests are Slide by Slide, a trombone duo with local favourite Kevin Grenfell. The meeting takes place on Tuesday October 1st at 7.30 pm for the music and 6..30pm for the early bird menu.

St Andrews will be having a Holy Communion service with Rev Neil Barker which starts at 11 am with refreshments after the service, everyone is welcome to come and join in

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