Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 14th August

            The new play park equipment is now fully installed and was ready for use after it had passed all the safety inspections. The equipment was opened on Friday evening much to the delight of local youngsters. Rick and the play park team would like to thank everyone involved with this project. The new park consists of a wooden climbing tower, climbing wall, a tunnel, and much more! Enjoy everyone!!                                                                                                    

Turn the music up, turn it up and party down! Yes over the past few years we have been very lucky to have had Zumba classes in the village hall under the watchful eye of our instructor Hannah Winzer. Sadly I have to inform you that this week the music will be no more, as sadly, she has had to give up her classes due to having a new job in Kingsbridge. Lockdown happened, and like so many other clubs and activities round about, the classes had to stop. Hannah wishes to thank all of her clients over the time she had taken her classes, she is very grateful for the support she received from everyone. Good luck for the future and thank you Hannah for all that you have done.                                                                       

Apparently the new road signs that had been put up have been removed by somebody. The signs were urging people to take a more alternative route and not to go through the village. If you know anything about this activity please inform the police, thank you.                                                                                     

The osprey is back! Local people have had some sightings of our lone osprey this week hunting down the river once again. Members of the Devon Wildlife Trust have been waiting with cameras at the ready, but she seems a bit shy! Keep looking guys.     

St Andrews Church is continuing to do well after Lockdown with significant numbers in church each week. The church service takes place each week at 11am, and this Sunday there will be a Morning Prayer service, with everyone invited to attend. There will be no refreshments due to COVID 19, and social distancing will be in place.

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