Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 13th May

It seems that the menace of dog waste being left on the ground is still with us!! The lane beside the A379 (bypass) seems to be a favourite at the moment for people to leave their dog mess, please if you use this route pick up after your dog – it’s a lane that’s used by so many people, including families with young children and the dog poo is causing distress to many when stepped in, please pick it up. I have two dogs myself, and quite often use rolls of fifteen bags when out walking, just picking up other people’s dog mess. Please pick it up, it really doesn’t take long, and is essential to help the environment that we all live in!!.            

The drainage works on the village green are now underway and the Jubilee Street car park is now closed as a result. The temporary parking area on the Rectory Lawns is now available to be used. The area has been marked out into spaces, please keep within them to help the situation. The church car park is also available to use, again please park sensibly, and Ros’s field at the back of Timbers car park has also been made available to use. The Icy Park play area will be able to be used instead of the ones on the green, and an extra picnic bench will be sited for alfresco lunching. It’s situated at the top of the steps in Icy Park, across the green area. The work has started now, and the underpass end of the village green has been fenced off and the footpaths there have been closed for safety reasons. There are some heavy vehicles operating in the space please be careful if you do walk on the path by the stream. 

There will also be no access to Fore St this week due to the long-awaited resurfacing work in our premier street. There will be notices up giving instruction on what’s going on, all in all, a trying time for our village, but these works are essential, and the end result will be great! 

Our community pool is hoping to open next month, weather and covid permitting! There is a need for more people to help with the running of the pool, so if you think you can help or have the relevant qualifications for poolside resuscitation please contact the parish council through the village website/facebook page.                                                                                                                                                  

St Andrews church will be having a Holy Communion service this week led by Rev Neil Barker which will start at the usual time of 11am.

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