Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 15th February

St Andrews Church is having a Songs of Praise style service ths week and the theme is Marriage. The hymns have been chosen by the members of the congregation, perhaps to remind them of their special day. Everone is welcome to attend – perhaps bring a photo of your wedding? It would be quite nice to see the different syles of dress over the years. The service will be led by Rev Neil Barker and his wife Caroline and there will be refreshments after the service which will start at the usual time of 11am . A former resident of A.G has sent a message to say that they can’t come as they live in Canada now, but they send their best wishes to

There is a phographic competition  being held to try to capture the beauty of the natural world in and around the River Avon. Our Saltmarsh is fast becoming one of the most important habitats of its kind in the country and to celebrate this two of the organisations that monitor the Estuary and accept the stewardship of what happens to the water., The Aune Valley Water Ski Club and the Avon Estuary Forum  are combining to run the photographic competition.A special website has now been created with comprehensive information on how to enter the competition: Photographs freeze a moment in time and its hoped to create a record of our river through the various seasons  and events.The competition  is open to everyone and entrants can have up to 4 entries, there  are so many wonderful views and weather conditions to consider, the possibilities are endless really, with many different weather conditions every day, or even every hour! So get your competative mojo on and take even more phots than we do normally! The closing date for entries is 31st August 2019..                                       

There is a notice that there will be roadworks at Ashford from February22-26th , between Ashford and Combe Cross, if you are going to be traveling that way you may need to find an alternative route. This is due to more cable laying by Gigaclear.                                                                                 

The Village shop building needs a lot of upkeep,and the commiittee are asking for good quality second hand  goods to sell at the shop to help with raisng funds for maintaning the building  and its contents.Also if anyone has any spare carriers they would also be appreciated.The shop continues to stock new lines for the coming season.   

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