Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 15th January.

Oh Dear! It seems that even in a National crisis there are those out  there that will try and take advantage! There is a particularly nasty scam doing the rounds at the moment sending text alerts to your phone supposidly from the NHS offering Covid 19 vaccinations. Some elderly people have already been taken for considerable sums of money. The text will offer a link, do not click on the link, just delete it. The NHS will never ask for bank details or other personal information. Please please don’t fall for this. It seems that there are a few of this type of thing circulating but never ever give your details out on the phone, authentic organisations will never behave in this way.                                                            

We are in yet another lockdown but there are signicant differences this time around. The playparks are still open, social distancing to be observed of course! The river can still be used by craft such as canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. There are restrictions on powered craft at the moment.         

Do you have an unwanted laptop or tablet that is no longer needed? Well the Foodbank is looking for useable equipment to help children to continue their studies at home during the lockdown. Please take them to the Wallingford Road depot in Kingsbridge, any will be most thankfully received.                       

Calling all sheep hosts! Did you give a sheep trail sheep a location during the Christmas? Please can you drop any strays off to Caroline, there will be a box outside her house for collecting them.                                                                                                                                                                       

There is a survey being dropped through letterboxes as we speak by the shop committee. If you have not returned a copy yet please do, as this will be vital information to help our shop be fit for the future. Also please support and use the shop, there is a real danger that it won’t survive if more of us don’t use it! If you haven’t recieved a paper copy, there is an online version on the village website/facebook page.                                                                              

As I’m writing this, there are no details of church services for this week, I will post more details as they become available.                                                            

At least with the lovely weather over the last few days folk have been able to enjoy getting out and about in the fresh air, and as always there are concerns over speeding traffic being in conflict with other road users and walkers. Please drive carefully especially on the Tidal Road as there are pedestrians, kids on bikes, horse riders etc.; enjoy our beautiful area but PLEASE observe speed restrictions and everyone will remain safe.

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