Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 15th July

Well, I think we can all calm down this week after all the sporting drama of the last few weeks. Disappointing as some of the end results were, the future for our sporting heroes is looking brighter than for some time. We have a very promising new tennis player in Emma Raducanu and of course our wonderful England Team too, look to the future, we are I’m sure going to have plenty to celebrate!                                                                                     

On a less positive note, there seems to be a number of phone frauds in operation at the moment. One favourite is a caller purporting to be from local government about nonpayment of fines, as always don’t give out any of your financial details over the phone, this is not how officialdom works!

Once again some thoughtless dog owners are allowing their pets to roam about on our allotment fields causing their waste to be deposited on the allotments. Once again, this area is private, there is no general public right of way through the allotments, only allotment holders are permitted to use this area. Please do not allow your pet to foul on people’s food crops or destroy their hard work, be more considerate, please. Dog waste is still a problem in many areas of our parish, on the green, the lane beside the A379, and also beside some of the seats on public lands. Please pick up after your dogs, dog mess can cause some devastating illness to humans and to farm animals, once again please pick up after your pets.                                 

The works on the green are progressing well and there are two teams working at any one time to ensure a swift execution of these necessary works. Both teams are currently excavating across the playing fields, work which will take them into August. Hopefully when this section is complete, some of the grassed areas can be re-instated before the end of August. The teams involved have worked well with the parish council and have helped alleviate some of the concerns of local people.                                      

St Andrews church is continuing to support the community with a service each week. Still no singing in church for the congregation, but the choir has been uplifting spirits of late with their singing of the hymns. This week there will be a Holy Communion service led by Rev Neil Barker starting at the usual time of 11am      

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