Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 17th August

Oh the things you do when you’re a Parish Councillor! Some of the park benches needed re-siting due to the play areas new fencing, so myself , Parish Chair Sarah Harcus, Ros Brousson, Pete Wade and Peter Smith had the task of moving two of the seating benches and a big old picnic bench into new original positions on Wednesday afternoon. It was a nice warm afternoon for this feat of furniture moving but it was achieved by shear muscle, honestly! The picnic bench had to be manoevered past the swings, through the sandpit and on through the gates to come to rest on the grass beyond. Well done us!                     

The W.I doesn’t have a formal meeting in August but our ladies met for a picnic on the decking outside the village hall. It was simply the best food ever with Lynne bringing some delicious cheese scones and coffee and walnut cake and Chris her wonderful scones too. Maggie made some lovely salmon sandwhiches and we had hot drinks and some fruit juices. It was a lovely afternoon spent reminiscing about some old friends and how A.G had changed over the years. The conversation also moved to where people had lived prior to coming to A.G and the answers varied from Kingsbridge to South Africa amazing! The next W.I meeting will be on Thursday September 7th in the village hall starting at 7.30pm, guests are very welcome to attend. 

Just a reminder that the bus timetables are changing on September 3rd – the bus service 3 Plymouth – Kingsbridge and the 93 Dartmouth -Kingsbridge both will have revised departure times on all days of operation to hopefully improve punctuality. An additional later journey will operate Monday to Friday at 18.45 on the 93 service from Dartmouth -Kingsbridge.Guaranteed connections are being offered for passengers travelling beyond Kingsbridge, check before you leave is a good advice!                                           

St Andrews will have a communion service on Sunday at the usual time of 11am, all are welcome to attend and refreshments are on offer after the service.

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