Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 17th February

St Andrews Mission Partners Eric and Sandra Read called into the village last Sunday and shared afternoon tea with members of the congregation and some guests from around our team of churches. Eric entertained the group with a spirited talk on how their work in the Philippines was progressing. He explained that lockdown measures over there were much more strict, with vaccine passports needed to travel from one area to another. The wet weather had played its part in the production of the fruit and veg, but with shortages due to the pandemic, bananas had proved to be a good cash crop. All the pigs had to be destroyed due to disease and now with the crisis over there was a shortage of piglets to rear, and pork produce had become very expensive. Eric and Sandra had tried to launch a cafe with their produce, but were continually frustrated by the lockdown rules and hope to try again once they return to the Philippines in the spring. They had enjoyed success with their endeavors, and their method of planting mixed crops in strips had proved quite successful in helping to prevent soil erosion, and to improve soil fertility with plant roots providing structure They also employ several local people to help on their farm.. The food was provided by several local ladies, delicious cakes, wholesome sandwiches and of course washed down with plenty of tea!! It was lovely to see our friends Eric and Sandra and to catch up with them, wishing them an enjoyable stay before heading back to the farm.                                                        

The W.I ladies held their meeting last Thursday and enjoyed a talk by Ros Brousson on the history of the village, illustrated by lots of slides showing the village before the bombing when there were a few more houses. The shape of the village was very different, with lots of shops, also butchers that killed and cured their own meats. The road was more of a farm track and there were many more places of worship, including the methodist chapel on Rock Hill!. Alas all gone these days bar our own St Andrews of course, which survived a traumatic bombing in 1943, being restored in the 1950’s. All in all a very interesting evening with our ladies welcoming several guests! The next meeting will be held on Thursday March 10th at 7.30pm in the village hall. The ladies would like to welcome any new members and guests for the evening will be charged £3, why not come and enjoy a taster session?                              

St Andrews will have a Lay Led Sunday Worship service this Sunday at 11am, all are welcome to attend. I will be leading the service with Karen Rowse preparing the talk.. There will be refreshments served after the service 

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