Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 17th June

The weather has definitely got the feel of summer during the last few days !! With the sun comes visitors and a familiar problem of people thinking that their cars can swim! There was another incident during the last few days of a car being flooded on the Tidal Road, sad for the owners and potentially disastrous for human life, with the current being very strong. The river does come in very quickly once the tide has turned, and the water can cover the road within minutes. Please take heed of the tide tables, which are available in our village shop, tide times can also be checked on our phones these days too, better safe than sorry, the water does get deep, the stakes beside the road do have tidal marks on them, deeper than a puddle!! The last ‘victim’ was driving his father in laws car… imagine having to make that phone call. Our river is being used more and more for watersports of every kind and visitors will increase over the summer but please be vigilant and be safe, but enjoy the summer.                           

The Highways Department of DCC has agreed to a trial of some new signs directing traffic to use the bypass instead of just driving through the village. Last summer drivers were coerced by sat nav directions to drive through Fore St in amazing numbers, causing a huge traffic headache, and hold-ups, and causing many difficulties to the residents. The signs are of a temporary nature to allow changes in wording. They will be used to direct travelers towards the beaches and main roads in an effort to reduce stress for all. The project will be studied, and any permanent changes made after the summer. Signs have been defaced recently by a somewhat misguided individual, they are part of a study to improve traffic flow, please leave them in the future.     

Our shop is looking for a part-time assisitant, for more details ask at the shop.                                        

I did speak to some of our  poor re-cycling drivers last week and I know we are all more than a bit cross with the situation as it is at the moment but I can assure you the drivers are feeling the strain too! It’s all a bit stressy, and of course, the poor guys are in the front line for our frustrations, please can we all put ourselves in their shoes just for a moment? It’s a no fault situation, we shouldn’t take out the frustrations on the drivers, not fair is it?  The District and County councilors are trying to work it out, please be patient.                                                                                                                  

Our bus stop is now looking clean and tidy again after its brush with some foul-mouthed graffitti. The efforts by local folk to restore it is truly heartwarming, well done !!                                                                    

St Andrews church will have a Sunday Worship service which will be lay-led by John and Karen Rowse, and this informal service will start at the usual time of 11am. All are welcome to attend, socially distanced of course.

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