Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 18 February

Well it seems that we are still getting some important visitors on our river! Local naturalists John Ashton and Rod Bone were out birdwatching this week looking for a specific bird visitor. In recent weeks we have had the exciting discovery of a lesser yellow legs and now the word had gone out that a spoonbill, an African visitor, had been spotted . So our intrepid duo arrived down on the river, the tension was mounting, where was this bird? Eventually the beautiful white spoonbill was spotted by the A.G twosome and John has posted some lovely photo’s of him on our village website. The interesting thing is that it could well be a young adult that visited as a juvenile last year. Our river wetland is now providing a home for an amazing array of wildfowl, remember last summer’s Osprey? There is a concern though over pollution and plastics being found, along with some abandoned boats. Please think twice before littering, and take any rubbish home with you, not sling it out of the car window! We are also plagued with fly tipping , especially on the bypass area, when I was growing up there was a slogan that was used, Keep Britain Tidy, this would be a good time I think to resurect it? With so many people having some much leisure time why not use some of it to pick some litter up if you see it? Don’t leave it to other folk.                                                                                                            

The Village Shop Asscociation has been in discussions with new shopkeeper Kathleen and have now agreed new opening times for the shop and Post Office. Monday-Friday the shop and Post Office counter will open between 9-4pm, weekends Saturday and Sunday, the shop only will be open between 9-1pm on both days. This is due to the fact that there has to be a trained person to operate the PO facility, which is why it will have to close on Saturday’s. The shop has had a hard time of late and needs the support of our community, and the shop committee is dedicated to provide support to Kathleen but it needs to be suported by the community, so please support them all. A new suggestion bx will be available soon for ideas from the community.                                           

St Andrews has a lay led service this Sunday at 11am, led by myself and Karen Rowse. Social distancing is in place and masks should be worn whilst in church. There is an average congregation of 15 , so there is plenty of room anyone who wishes to attend.There will be online Lent courses on the Modbury Team website, starting from next week.

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