Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow 18th September

Our Parish Council met last week and was the setting for a robust exchange of views from representatives of the Fore St group concerned about the flow and speed of traffic through the village street. Many residents came to air their views on this most difficult subject. Recently members of the Fore St Residents Group had carried out a survey and traffic count, which had provided useful information to the meeting on how many vehicles and what types of vehicles had been using Fore St. District Councillor Rufus Gilbert said he will arrange a meeting between residents and the DCC Neighbourhood Highways Officer, in the meantime, the group would consolidate their individual ideas into a cohesive plan to present to  DCC.                                                                                   

New alterations to the proposed new village hall plans were discussed, and now the plans are moving forward to the SHDC planning committee for examination and discussion before a formal planning application is submitted. Proposals were also discussed to separate the tennis club from the Sports and Leisure banner. The club would be affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association, further discussion will take place on this subject. Several vehicles in different locations in the parish were also ticketed for removal after being found to be unroadworthy.

St Andrews Church held its Annual Meetings after last Sunday’s service. The church officers have agreed to remain in place; Churchwardens Peter Fish, Rosie Warrillow, assistant wardens Joy Winzer, John Rowse. Joy was thanked for many years as head of church cleaners as she has now stepped down from this role, and Rev. Rowland presented her with a plant gift. The meeting heard from the treasurer Jo Smith about the finances, the church is doing ok in spite of not having services, and people had been giving generously. Rev Neil Barker prayed for the churchwardens, and they were thanked for their contribution over the year. The church had held meetings via Zoom during the lockdown. The church also welcomed new Ordinand Fran French to the meeting, and she spoke about her family and her church mission.                                             

Our W.I  ladies held their first meeting since March, hearing and approving the last minutes available. President Meg Brett then handed over to the speaker, local lady Yvonne Knapman. She talked about her life as a dancer in the Television Toppers, how she lost her mother at a young age motivating her to become a nurse, and the successful career that had followed for her. Yvonne had also founded a knitting company and told how she had gone on to design her own patterns for knitting machines, and had invented a neat gadget to help with using multiple coloured yarns, which proved to amazingly popular for her. Sadly Yvonne suffered a fall just before the meeting last Thursday, but had gamely come to the meeting, not wanting to disappoint the ladies. Since then I learned that this plucky lady had actually suffered broken bones in her hand. Sending you much love Yvonne for a speedy recovery and thanks from our ladies for your marvelous talk.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Well it’s been a while since I have mentioned, it but dog poop has raised its ugly head again. Can people please pick up after their dogs especially on the village green, churchyard, and the A379 footpath? It’s beyond a joke that people just don’t take enough effort to be clean, please pick it up. I have two dogs of my own and quite often also pick up other waste too, as I’m sure others do, it is an offence and a maximum fine of £1,000 can be applied.                                                  

St Andrews church has a  Holy Communion service starting at 11am with Rev Neil Barker. Everyone is welcome to come, social distancing measures are in place and there will no refreshments after the service.

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