Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 21st August

This week the weather has been extremely hot, and the towns around us have packed to capacity and beyond, and also all of our seaside places have been really full, and tailbacks have occurred in unbelievable lengths, sometimes for miles!! In amongst all this, I have had reports of dogs being left in cars in Kingsbridge, and in Torcross. Dogs can die incredibly quickly in hot vehicles, just leaving a window open a crack isn’t enough. Please if you are visiting our area, or even resident here, please don’t leave your four-footed best friend incarcerated – animals have been rescued thankfully in the last week, but the outcome could have been so much worse, do use common sense when travelling with your dogs.                                  

More of our libraries are to open this week including the nearest one at Kingsbridge. Social distancing measures will be in place and it’s best to check online to confirm opening times.                                                                                                                                                                                             

St Andrews church is continuing to do well after recommencing services. This Sunday there will be a Holy Communion service which will start at 11am – there will be no refreshments but everyone is welcome to attend. Social distancing is in place, and please bring a face covering to use during the service.                                                                                                                                                                

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the village hall on Monday September 7th at 7.30pm, all are welcome to attend but come in good time as with social distancing only 25 people can attend. All the local issues will be discussed including the disappearing road signs!! These new road signs put up to discourage speeding in the village have disappeared again, please contact the councilors or the police if you have any information.

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