Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 21st February

Oh Dear, here we go again! Someone is allowing their dog or dogs to ‘exercise’ on the allotment field. Either people are walking their dogs in  there, or are they free ranging and escaping in there? Or , well there are many reasons, but the problem is what the animals leave behind!!. People grow their food (obviously) and there are allotment holders that take their young children with them to enjoy the growing experience and could do without the added complications of dog poo. Its a health hazard, and of course not pleasant if stepped in and especially distressing for these young families. Access is restricted to the allotment holders and its no place to allow dogs to mess. Please respect our allotment holders and keep dogs out of this area.                                                                                               

Now the traffic flow through our village has been under scrutiny for many years and now there are moves afoot to try to reduce either the traffic or the speed at which most vehicles thunder through our main street. Local resident Dinah Ashton is heading up a group of folk who wish to try and do something about this menace. If you would like to put forward ideas or express an opinion, please contact Dinah by email or message her on the village website/facebook page.                                                          

The next meeting of the Kingsbridge Jazz at Aveton Gifford will be at the Fishermans Rest on Tuesday March 3rd starting at 7.30pm. The musical guests for this meeting are the Dave Moorwoods Rascals of Rhythym, a lively group playing a selection of popular numbers with a real happy sound and beat. They have kindly stepped in on short notice. The Early Bird Menu will be available too from 6pm-6.30pm booking essential, please book on or before the Sunday before gig night. Please phone the Fishermans for more details.                                                                                                         

Our local shop is continuing to stock some delicious local produce, fresh fruit and veg etc and now have a supply of recycling sacks available for local distribution.                                                                   

St Andrews will be having a Holy Communion service with Rev Neil Barker leading, which starts at the usual time of 11am.

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