Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – 22nd April

There is just time to remind everyone that the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Monday May 9th at 7.30 pm in the village hall. All Parish councils have by law to hold an annual meeting, the purpose of which is to give the electorate a chance to come and enquire about the councils performance over the last twelve months. All village organisations are invited to present a report to explain what their particular organisation has achieved over the last year. This is a very important yearly event as it gives everyone a chance to have their say and express their views. Further details are available from Peter Javes on 55283.

Time is beginning to run out for entries for the A.G Film Festival! This gala event will be showcasing the work of local filmmakers and is always good fun to come and watch. The Festival takes place  in the village hall and this years competition will be on Friday 21st May at 7.30 pm. Anyone who lives in the parish is eligible to enter, all ages,  all subjects, but no risque films please! Tickets will on sale from the village shop from the first of May, adults £4, children £1, Film makers go free, another good incentive to make your own film! The deadline is May 9th for entries though. All proceeds will go to the Memorial Hall and Surf Mash, A,G’s freesurf sale and music event. event.

The Project Group came to talk to the W.I last week and what an interesting and entertaining evening the ladies enjoyed! Group members Delia Elliot and Ros Brousson showed old photos of the village on the projector screen and Delia gave a talk about each one. Some of the ladies were able to fill in some of the gaps of knowledge that existed in identifying some of the people in the older photos. Everyone enjoyed the evening and Ros and Delia received a well deserved round of applause. The Project Group’s next event will be on Friday 6th May in the hall at 7.0 pm. Tony Porter will talk about his new book Whatever Next, which covers Tony’s earlier life in London and his involvement in London Fashion Week. There will be a charge of £5 at the door.

St Andrews will have a  Family Communion service with Rev Neil Barker this week  which will start at 11.0 am, there will also be a Baptism during this weeks service.

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