Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow – 22nd July

This week has certainly seen a change in the weather with fantastic warm temperatures and blue skies over our Parish. Just the right time to say that our pool is open and ready for business, and it’s been fairly busy with eager swimmers. The school has had more use of the pool, and plans an exciting pool party for the end of term. If  anyone would like to join in the fun, there are still more keys for sale, and Peter Javes is the man to contact for more details on how to obtain one. Everyone who joins the pool scheme has to attend a life saving course, details of the latest one are available  in the village shop.

With the weather just right for walking it’s as well to point out that the speeds of some drivers on the Tidal Road are still causing concern. I have had a few near misses down there, enjoy walking yes, but be aware that vehicles do use the road and some are not very aware that pedestrians do!

Oh Dear, they are at it again! A canoe has been nicked from Timbers car park between 5-8th July. It’s 17ft long, dark green and a Canadian type canoe and has a neat hole to put a chain through on one side, and it has a Devon Flag sticker towards the rear. If you have seen anything suspicious please phone the police on 101.

There is a cat that has gone missing from the village. Mr Kitty was last seen about 5 days ago and his owner is very worried – if you have seen him please let Clare know, she lives in Rock Avon, Fore St. If you are feeding him, please don’t, it only serves to confuse a cat. He is tabby and white in colour and is quite a chunky type cat. There is  a picture on the village website.

Some one has also lost their key, it is on a blue fob and has been found in Jubilee St, it was handed in to the village shop, where it waits to be claimed. Also a membership card for the British Canoeing Club has been found down the river in the name of Paul Bartiff, which has also been handed in to the shop.

There was a Team Service in Modbury last Sunday and representatives from all 5 of the Benifices churches were in attendance to welcome Bishop Nick who had come up specially from Plymouth. Little Molly was christened by the Bishop in a very informal service with the worship group playing the hymns. Bishop Nick also gave communion to the large congregation. The service this week in St Andrew’s will be a Family Communion service with the Rector  Neil Barker, and will start at the usual time of 11am.

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