Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 22nd September

St Andrews Church features strongly in our write up this week. There was a very large attendance for the Comemorative service held in church last Sunday. Rev Simon Springet, a retired Naval Chaplain led the special service which was shared around our Mission Community. The hymns reflected the Queen’s life and moments in her reign, music which created the right mood and very ably played by church organist Mrs Vanda Irish. It was good to see so many visitors to our church and lovely to share fellowship at coffee time after the service. This Friday St Andrews will be celebrating the Harvestide with a Harvest Supper in the village hall starting at 7pm. There will be a speaker from the farming community, and a Ram Roast, and deserts made by members of the congregation. On Sunday morning there will be a Harvest  Service starting at the usual time of 11am. There will be communion and the childrens group will start back after the summer recess, led by families worker Sarah Chapman.                                                                                                                                           

It seems we still have issues with dog poop being left where it shouldnt! Please pick up from your dogs, especially on our village green and around the kiddie’s playpark,its really not aceptable to leave it on the ground. Also when traveling around the village green perhaps on two wheeled transport, please be mindful of other users of the village green area. Walkers are using the area all day every day, please do not speed near people, dogs and little children, you on two wheels are only a section of the users here!!                                                                                                                                                                                   

If people have had  a glut of veggies this year, why not learn to make some delicious pickles and chutneys with Lisa Dionne Pugh at the Deerwood Trust in their 3rd workshop of the series.. The event will take place on Saturday October 15th, more details on the village website/facebook page.

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