Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 23rd September

Here we are at the end of September, and the congregation of St Andrews Church welcomed the harvest home in style last weekend. The congregation was led in worship by Rev Neil Barker and many favourite harvest hymns were sung, ably accompanied by the church organist Mrs Vanda Irish. Communion was served in spite of the temperamental church safe concealing the communion silver!! After the service a delicious special harvest meal was enjoyed by everyone. Special thanks to everybody who contributed food for the occasion. This week St Andrews will have a Sunday Worship service led by Reader Joyce Howitt, which will start at the usual time of 11am.                                                   

Our village shop is still looking for an additional member of staff, the working hours will include some weekend work. The shop is also now stocking Whissendine bread flour from one of the few remaining mills in this country, if you needed a project for the autumn evenings this could be it. Bread really isn’t too difficult to make, you just need the patience to wait for the dough to rise, I think that’s the most difficult part! Our shop also has lots of fresh vegetables for making those warm and comforting winter stews!                                                                                                                                                               

The Deer wood trust has been putting up some new bat boxes made by local carpenter Kevin. The boxes will be monitored to see how the bats like them, Deer Wood is the first wood locally to use the new design, hopefully the bats will like the look of them and move in!                                     

Some new dance classes will take place in our village hall on Fridays – Modern dance for the 4-6 age group will start at 3.40pm-4.10pm, freestyle dance for ages up to 11 years will start at 4.15pm-500pm, Fierce flexibility will start at 5.05pm -5.30pm. There are more details on the village website/facebook page for interested parties.                                                                                                                      

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Thursday October 7th starting at 7.30pm, in the village hall, all are welcome to attend to discuss local issues and projects.

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