Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 24th June

I do so enjoy walking in our beautiful parish with my two dogs, Lola and Major and meeting people with their dogs and families. But some of our seats are being used as rubbish dumps! I have found some quite nasty stuff hidden behind the seat overlooking the A379 which has included used facemasks, broken drink bottles and even used tissues! UGH! Do we really have to put up with this? If you sit on our seats, please take your rubbish  home or put it in the rubbish bins. There’s one down on the green and there’s one on the other end of the path at Icy Park. There is no need for this, wildlife can become trapped in the strings of discarded facemasks and there is a risk of  infection from them, please discard them in a more thoughtful way.                          

I have been chatting to Kathleen about our village shop this week and it seems that trade is quite quiet at the moment. I do keep saying this… use it or maybe face a future without our shop!! It is a difficult time for many small businesses at the moment and our shop is no different. It carries a wide range of goods these days and really does need our support. Opening times have changed to include longer opening hours recently and there is a board outside the shop which carries daily news. Newspapers and fresh vegetables are available every day, and of course the Post Office services are available daily.The shop is of course also a hub for local people to meet and greet each other, and there are tables to use outside in for coffee etc, – all in all a nice place to sit and enjoy a break from your day, please support it.                                                                                                                                                                  The works on the green are progressing well and it is hoped that the Jubilee Street car park will be open for use by the end of the week. Mark, the foreman of the works, has told the Parish Council that the surface on the car park will be made good and firmed down and new chippings will be laid and may even be open by the time this report goes to press!!  The parking on the Rectory Lawns will still be available for use. All through the period of these works, the workforce has been informing the Parish Council on the progress of the work, and they have been extremely professional during the process and I think now could be the time to give them our thanks and appreciation for a job well done.                  

We have some of our local artists exhibiting at Harbour House from June 29th. Sue Luker is showing her beautiful ceramics and Claire Williams is exhibiting her paintings. This is a lovely exhibition with a wide variety of works to view. Harbour House is open from 10-5 each day until July 11th                                                                                                                                                                         

St Andrews will have a Holy Communion srvice starting at 11am with Rev Matt Rowland leading.

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